Business Volunteering

corporate_volunteers4Business volunteering recognises the value of business engaging with people in the community. The benefits for business are many:

  • Volunteering improves business reputation
  • Volunteering improves internal culture
  • Volunteering improves productivity and long-term sustainable future in the community

For employees the benefits are substantial:

  • Volunteering improves their professional development
  • Volunteering improves leadership opportunities
  • Volunteering improves morale

Business can get involved in volunteering through a number of avenues.The Busselton Dunsborough Volunteer Centre can assist with your corporate and business volunteer enquiries and point you in the right direction for information on choosing the right program through to project design, management and implementation.

Following are some ideas that may stimulate your imagination and desire to give volunteering a go.

Download a free Corporate Volunteering Handbook here.

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Download a free Corporate Partnership Models presentation here.

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Employee Volunteer Programs (EVPs)

corporate_volunteering7Employee Volunteer Programs are used by companies to support and facilitate employee volunteer activities in community based non-profit organisations and groups, charitable groups and groups identified in need of services and assistance.

Employees are members of both the company and the community. Therefore, if the company wishes to be more prominent and integrated within the community, employees must play a leading role in program implementation and development.

When considering projects that involve The Local Community and Employees It is important to realise that any partnering or volunteer undertaking by the company is essentially about building positive working relationships between all stakeholders. Success relies to a great extent on these relationships.

Below are a few of the most common models used to implement Employee Volunteer Programs.

Targeted Programs.

These are programs with a specific, singular focus that have been identified as having priority in the community by an organisation/agency. Employees place their entire volunteer efforts and activities in the chosen area for a determined length of time. The Community Skills Bank page of this web site provides business with an access point to view upcoming projects that may be suitable for there employees.


corporate_volunteers5Matching provides a way for corporations to match individuals with specific jobs that need doing in the community. The organisation collects jobs from various agencies and community groups and then matches these to interested employees. This is an excellent way to encourage individuals to combine their skills and personal interests.

Programs can be either employee or management driven and are a good vehicle for companies to begin volunteering assignments. Matched jobs can be of the variety described below or take on a more specific role in line with the employee’s skills and interests. For example, matching an employee with information technology skills to a community organisation that requires systems assistance. The Community Skills Bank page of this web site provides business with an access point to view upcoming projects that may require specific skills that can be matched to employees professional skill set.

Initiating Matching Programs.

  • Invite your local volunteer centre to come and recruit within the company
  • Collaborate with a community organisation that provides a list of jobs that need doing
  • List your company’s interest with other organisations, agencies etc. that need and use volunteers, and refer employees to these agencies
  • Start a skills and interest database of interested employees.
  • Record the time that employees are willing to spend volunteering

Local One-off Events.

corporate_volunteering2Through these programs an organisation may respond to specific requests or needs from the community. The program may be of short time frame that can include part or all of the workforce plus families, friends, service clubs etc. Sometimes this may be organised through an intermediary organisation/agency such as Volunteer Centres, United Way etc.

Organisations may also choose events to align with their own operational objectives and goals. This approach brings practical resource to community problems, is a good team building exercise and motivator and provides hands-on employee experience.

Suggestions for Local One-off Events.

  • Waterways and rivers maintenance
  • Parks & gardens clean-up
  • Gardening for elderly citizens
  • Participating in state and national fund raising efforts such as Red Nose day
  • Organising company fundraising event for a particular charity/community group

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